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Offering Recruitment Services

With 30 years of experience in experiential marketing, product demonstrations and warehouse staffing, Fizz/WDS are adding a natural extension to their portofolio... offering recruitment service.


Born from a frustration that amazing roles are often approached externally as ‘numbers to fill’, leaving employers paying for people who aren’t perfectly suited and candidates in unfulfilling roles. We decided to do things differently.

We believe in partnerships; so that employers get the best service at competitive rates, and candidates stay longer in roles they’re fulfilled in.

We know for you experience is everything

Fizz Recruitment leverages our 30 years’ experience in the retail industry, whilst still maintaining our personal, friendly and dedicated approach.

Without the need to claim we’re Jack-of-all-trades we specialise in the following sectors:

Retail & Hospitality
Warehouse & Distribution
Construction & Engineering

Why are we different?

Our own experience with using recruitment agencies left us feeling that recruitment is often approached externally as a numbers game, leaving employers paying for people who aren’t right, we decided to do things differently.

A few of our clients

We fill hundreds of roles in some of the UK’s biggest warehouses, retail spaces and construction sites, alongside one-off roles filled with equal importance.

Want to know more?

Our team would love to chat to you about your requirements, no matter how big or small.

Fizz Experience Limited (Trading as Fizz Recruitment) Registered Office: The Atrium, Curtis Road, Dorking, Surrey RH4 1XA Registered in England: 2031289